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  1. Does store or cache the .torrent files I upload?

    No. Once the torrent is decoded all the torrent data is sent back to your browser. This allows the torrents to be edited without having to store any intermediary files on our servers.
  2. Why can't I add or remove files?

    The torrent file format makes adding or removing files impossible without access to the original files. If you wish to make such a significant change to a torrent use a torrent creator.
  3. What is the "info hash" and why is it important?

    The info hash is a unique value that is calculated from the contents of the .torrent file. Trackers use it to identify the torrent. Certain values in a torrent can be changed without affecting the info hash, such as the trackers and comments. However, when values used in the calculation of the info hash are changed the info hash will change. This mean trackers will see the torrent as a "new" torrent and the tracker will not share seeds and peers, even if the files are exactly the same. marks the fields that will change the info hash with an asterisk(*).