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Contact / Bugs

You can now contact me on IRC @ irc:// is always looking for new ideas and ways to improve the torrent community. If you encounter a torrent that will not decode or the info hash is incorrect please let us know. Forward the torrent as an attachment to the email or provide a link to it. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Contact us at:

Please note that due to spam my ISP is using a very broad based geo blocking method. The following countires are currently blocked. IL, PK, CO, CN, TW, IT, AR, TH, PE, NL, PL, MA, JP, ES, RU, NO, BR, KR, IN, PH, CL, EG, HK, MY, HU, VE, CH, ZA, KR, VN,A T, MT. If you are from any of these countries and need to contact me, please use the shoutbox.